ACRC offers a wide range of consulting services including: visual condition surveys, roof replacement plans and specifications, contract administration, quality assurance inspections, roof maintenance plans and more.


    Having that extra layer of support from our experienced team of consultants is like adding stronger knots to your safety belt. ACRC has an in-depth understanding of all commercial roofing codes because we have influenced how they have evolved over the years. We are here to help you and your team understand how the latest codes should be applied; not only to pass inspection, but also for their original intent, to protect life and property.


    ACRC has knowledge and experience with every type of commercial roof system, material, product, application, and process, along with the latest technology. When you face issues as small as how to apply a code in an unusual situation or as big as a million-square foot re-roof with serious life safety issues, ACRC is the place to go to solve those problems.


    Our solutions often give our clients more possibilities than they could have imagined. Consider any property and the roof is its most expensive asset, it protects everything! Making the right decisions, informed decisions, is a big responsibility. When you come to us for help, you are allowing us to share that responsibility.


Having a roof maintenance program is a proven way to save money over the lifetime of a roof. RAMP takes a pro-active verses reactive approach to protecting your building’s most expensive asset. ACRC has expertise in inspection and quality assurance that general maintenance personnel do not. Having access to documentation that meets insurance, manufacturer warranty, and FEMA guidelines is an important service that RAMP provides.


• Minimizes unexpected problems and costly repairs
• Defers costly roof replacements
• Tracks cost of work performed
• Provides a historical record for each facility
• Estimates cost of future roof repairs on every facility a client owns
• Improves financial planning and forecasting
• Tracks costs and performance for future projects
• Maximizes the useful life of your roof system
• Identify and address potential problems before leaks appear on the interior of the building
• Reduces energy costs by eliminating defective and wet materials
• Proactive planning promotes a non-crisis approach to roof management

Repairs that are performed in a crisis situation are unplanned, unbudgeted, untimely and expensive! In contrast, RAMP enables you to plan and budget for potential problems in advance, preventing emergencies and avoiding disastrous interior damage.
All commercial buildings benefit from RAMP regardless of the age of the roof. Keep in mind, most warranties do not take effect until a leak reaches the interior of the building. Even then, the cost of leak repairs may not be covered if its cause is excluded from the warranty. Even if the leak is covered, the contractor may only be authorized to repair the cause and not other deficiencies compounded by the leak. A warranty is written to protect the contractor and the manufacturer, it is not a substitute for a Roof Asset Management Program. RAMP identifies deficiencies that could develop into future leaks and mitigates catastrophes.


The initial visual roof survey encompasses observations of the following:
General Conditions
Surface Conditions
Membrane Condition
Expansion Joints
New Equipment
Flashing Conditions
Drains and Drainage Characteristics
Walls and Copings
Roof Penetrations
Pitch Pans
Other Areas of Concern.

Visual surveys are presented in a comprehensive report, which includes digital photos and computer-aided drawings indicating the locations of all roof-top equipment and penetrations. The report documents observed deficiencies, and includes prioritized recommendations for corrective actions. Cost estimates for repairs, replacements, and budget projections are also provided based on roof life expectancy.


If it is determined that the roof is still under warranty, ACRC will contact the roof system manufacturer on the client’s behalf to help ensure that the warranty is utilized to the maximum extent. ACRC will coordinate the scope of work with the roofing contractor and the manufacturer to ensure that there is no charge for the replacement of defective materials and/or workmanship covered under the terms of the warranty.


After the initial inspection is completed and any defects have been identified, ACRC will prepare a scope of work that describes the correct repair materials and methods. ACRC will then work with the roofing contractor to ensure that repairs are made properly. Upon completion, an ACRC team member will visit the site to inspect all work for quality assurance.


Follow-up inspections are performed once or twice each year. Additional inspections are recommended whenever the roof has been subjected to severe weather, excessive foot traffic, or other harmful conditions.


Although record keeping begins with an initial survey, we organize historical information such as construction data, warrantees, notable features, observed defects, previous repairs, etc., so you can access information quickly and seamlessly, regardless of turnover in your organization.

Roof System Design

ACRC is an active member of The Roof Consulting Institute, holding a Registered Roof Observer designation that requires expert knowledge of all types of roof systems. We also operate a Miami-Dade County certified product testing laboratory which enables us to stay abreast of the latest technology available today.


An appropriate roof system, meeting both the client’s needs and budget, will be selected from the thousands available. Comprehensive specifications and detailed, dimensioned drawings will be prepared. All aspects of the roof project, from an exact description of the products to be used to a detailed description of the work to be performed will be included in the specification in order to achieve a top-notch product.

Project Management

ACRC serves our clients by handling all phases of the roof construction or roof replacement process. First, we distribute bid packages to pre-qualified contractors and conduct a pre-bid meeting to examine the roof, review the contract documents and answer any questions that the contractors may have. After the bids are received, we help the client analyze the bids and select a contractor. We then review the contractor’s submittals and verify that all required permits, licenses, insurance coverages and bonds are in compliance with current requirements and the contract documents. Optimal long-term roof performance begins with the installation process. ACRC has full-time Quality Assurance Inspectors and RCI certified Registered Roof Observers that monitor your project to ensure strict compliance with plans and specifications. When defects are observed, corrective action is immediately implemented. The benefits are two fold, first, in avoiding costly mistakes during construction and second, by optimizing future performance because the roof system was installed the way in which it was designed.

Quality Assurance

We provide our client with a daily report of all activities related to the project. We closely monitor the demolition of the old roof system and the installation of all new components, including insulation, membrane, base flashings, sheet metal flashings and temporary tie-ins. Each daily report identifies the location of the work, the materials used, the quantity of roofing installed, the contractor crew size, the hours worked, the identities of all visitors and the weather conditions. Each report also states if the work is in compliance with the plans and specifications, describes any problems or deficiencies that occur, and records what actions were taken to correct the conditions.

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