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Atlantic & Caribbean Roof Consulting (ACRC)


ACRC’s mission is to provide building owners, property managers, contractors, design professionals, and manufacturers with unbiased, uncompromised expert evaluation of their roofing products and needs, supported by certified testing data and building code requirements.


Our vision is to become the preferred resource for uncompromised expertise in the roofing industry through developing strong relationships and providing superior, accurate, reliable, and responsive service.

Accuracy, Integrity, Personal & Professional Development, Service Excellence and Teamwork


ACRC’s founder, Eric Smause, began his career as a crew member for a commercial roofer while putting himself through college. As he earned promotions over the years to foreman, then supervisor, and project manager, he recognized the difficulty property owners and managers faced in making informed decisions about very costly roof systems. As a project manager and estimator, he wondered how someone who didn’t have his level of experience in commercial roofing could possibly know how to choose the right roof from so many available choices.

When evaluating bids from multiple contractors, often times, the bids were for different systems using different materials, that made comparisons impossible. There were gaps between how codes were written and how their users understood and applied them. Misunderstandings like these were common, even inspectors disagreed on the interpretation of codes affected by new products, applications, and catastrophic environmental influences.

This experience inspired Eric to shift his career focus to consulting. He witnessed first-hand a need within the roofing community for experts who were unbiased and uninfluenced; experts who could help clients make a very complicated, seemingly impossible task, more understandable. His methods included standardizing bid specifications which enabled clients to evaluate comparable roof systems and products from multiple contractors. His recommendations were not influenced by low bids for roof systems that were not compatible with his client’s building type. Eric’s resolve to keep his client’s best interest in mind was uncompromised.

He did not stop there, his ability to identify needs within the industry led to developing improved standards in not only the way the industry compares different roofing systems but also the standards in which those products and materials are tested. Eric’s mission to provide uncompromised expertise supported with state of the art testing data and code compliance, along with over 30 years of experience in the commercial roofing industry, enabled him to attract talent with like minds and values.

ACRC was founded in 2001 because of one man’s commitment to help building owners and managers have access to truly unbiased evaluations of their roofing needs. ACRC ultimately helped improve standards for testing products, systems, and code applications for the entire commercial roofing community.


Full-service roof consulting

We are dedicated to our clients’ best interests and are committed to handling all of their roof consulting needs expediently and professionally. Our hands-on approach accounts for the solid customer base that we have established across the Southeastern United States

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Extensive roof survey services

Our roof observer will analyze your entire roof system and carefully document its performance characteristics and deficiencies. We will then prepare a computer database of useful information, organized to help you take a proactive approach to roof maintenance and repairs.

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ACRC is an approved testing laboratory

We provide commercial contractors and manufacturers with the necessary testing and engineering for insurance, permit, and product approvals. This Testing Application Standard (TAS) covers procedures for withdraw resistance testing of fasteners used for attachment of various components to various substrate materials.

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Our work team

Eric Smause, RRO
President & Senior Roof Consultant

Eric Smause founded Atlantic & Caribbean Roof Consulting, LLC (ACRC) in 2001. What began as one man’s mission to provide building owners, contractors, property managers and design professionals, an unbiased, expert evaluation of their roofing needs, has grown into a nationally recognized consulting, testing and engineering firm.
Eric started working in commercial roofing as a crew member over 40 years ago. As his experience and responsibilities grew, he recognized the difficulty people had in making truly informed decisions with so many complicated and expensive choices for roof systems and products. He was inspired to offer uncompromised expertise supported by certified testing data and building code requirements. Eric has dedicated over 20 years of his career to roof consulting and has attracted a talented team of experts who share those same uncompromising values.

Shirad Ali, BSC, ENG, RRO
Principal Consultant & Operations Manager

Shirad’s career in roofing began over 25 years ago, but his lifelong love of education began well before.  As a young man in Trinidad, he earned his first degree in drafting & design and from there, went on to the prestigious University of Cambridge, to earned his Bachelor of Science in Architectural and Civil Engineering. 
As Shirad gained experience, he took on more responsibilities, some of which was training others in roof technology and code compliance. Even after he became Vice President of Engineering and Operations at one of the top commercial roofing companies in the US, he continued to educate himself, earning his State of FL Contractors License CCC132873 and RCI Registered Roof Observer, certification no. 20471.
Shirad’s experience as a leader and trainer motivated him to educate others within the industry. He recognized that his experience and education gave him the unique skills to problem solve within the roofing community, and fit well with ACRC’s mission and values.  Shirad joined ACRC in 2011.  The wide range of interests that inspired him to amass expertise in so many areas when he began his roofing career in 1989, led him to become one of the most recognized commercial roofing experts within the industry.

Randall Fowler, PE
Vice President of Engineering

Randall graduated from the ultra-competitive School of Engineering at the University of Florida, with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. He gained experience working for several engineering firms near Chicago, IL. and within a few years, became a project engineer, responsible for huge development projects, demanding engineering skills as well as organizational and leadership abilities. Randall learned early on, from interfacing with multiple municipalities, government agencies, contractors, suppliers, and clients, that keeping an open door resolves issues before they turn into problems.
As he grew his leadership role, Randall returned to Florida to work for several municipalities. He became acting City Engineer for Pompano Beach from 1999 to 2002 and continued there for another 6 years as their highest ranking civil engineer. In 2008, Randall became a licensed general contractor and V. P. of Fowler Engineering Contractors Inc., where he performed thousands of inspections and wind mitigations while still managing construction projects.
Randall’s reputation proceeded him when he was recruited to join ACRC’s team in 2015. Although he brings with him a wealth of engineering experience, it was his expertise as an inspector and project manager as well as his G.C. certification, that made him the perfect fit for ACRC. Randall’s ability to truly understand the needs of contractors and project managers gives our clients an advantage because they are able to move forward on their projects with a high level of urgency matched by the combined skills of accuracy and speed that Randall values most.
Professional Engineer #51156, State of Florida
Licensed General Contractor #1515716, State of Florida
American Society of Civil Engineers

Linda Smause
CFO & Controller

Linda’s journey began at The World Bank in Washington DC, where she learned the fundamentals of finance and accounting. Her experience expanded when she accepted a position at a health insurance company. There, she navigated through complex benefits and claims and gained valuable experience that would elevate her capacity to make complex decisions in the future.
Later, when Linda moved to South Florida with her young family, she worked for a CPA; it was there that her eyes would be opened to future possibilities. That CPA firm happened to specialize in helping clients open new businesses, and even though Linda was with them for a short time, she became versed in the competencies needed for an upstart. Linda’s well rounded turns in finance, benefits, and accounting, were the perfect formula for what would soon happen in her career.
Linda accepted her next position, Branch Book Keeper for Bradco Roofing Supply (acquired by ABC in 2010, now America’s 63rd largest private company), and within a few years, she and her husband Eric founded ACRC. Linda’s journey from finance, to benefits, to accounting for new businesses and a roofing supplier, built the ideal package of experience to launch ACRC and grow it into the highly respected consulting firm it is today.

David Rodas-Espinoza
Testing Manager

David’s background in civil engineering began as a teenager when his secondary school training landed him a job working with a geotechnical and civil engineering firm in El Salvador. There he did testing in the field and soon worked his way to the lab. This experience later helped him earn a position at PSI, one of the largest engineering consulting firms in the US, when he relocated his family from California to Florida in 1992.
It did not take long for David to become a supervisor, responsible for scheduling, training, and testing standard compliance. He was soon recruited to be a the Senior Field and Lab Tech for a roof testing company where he was responsible for TAS protocols and became proficient in Miami-Dade approval requirements for commercial roofing systems and products for high velocity hurricane zones. David welcomed the opportunity to join ACRC in 2002, where he could use his extensive testing knowledge, supervisory and training skills, along with his background in civil engineering, to ensure strict code and protocol compliance for all testing and uncompromised quality assurance and safety training for all technicians.

Mike Stevens RRO - Consultant
Paul Smause
Project Manager
Michelle Walker
Office Manager
Brian Sachetti
Christopher Sheffield
Quality Assurance Inspector
Benjamin Wilkerson
Quality Assurance Inspector
Tulio Chinchilla
Testing Technician
Travalian Sheffield
Testing Technician
Jorge Victoria
Testing Technician