ACRC is a full-service consulting and engineering firm, as well as a Miami-Dade Certified testing laboratory, specializing in commercial roof systems. We offer a wide range of field and laboratory tests. Our expert team of engineers and consultants provide our clients with the testing and engineering necessary for insurance, permits, code compliance and approvals for roof systems and products.

ACRC assists building owners, property managers, architects, engineers, contractors, project managers and manufacturers in making better decisions, especially those facing the complex and stringent roofing standards of South Florida and the Caribbean. We also provide roof maintenance programs, inspections, quality assurance, roof system design, and project management to thousands of clients, managing millions of square feet of commercial roofing.


Atlantic and Caribbean Roof Consulting, LLC provides roof maintenance programs, roof system designs, engineering and testing to thousands of clients who manage millions of square feet of commercial roofing.

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We provide commercial contractors and manufacturers with the necessary testing and engineering for insurance, permits, and product approvals.

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Maintenance Programs

Your roof is often your most expensive asset. Repairs that are performed in a crisis situation are unplanned, unbudgeted, untimely, and expensive. Our Roof Asset Management Program, (RAMP) reduces unexpected outcomes and overall expenses.

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RAMP Roof Asset Management Programs

Visual Condition Surveys, Roof Replacement Plans and Specifications, Contract Administration, Quality Assurance Inspections, Roof Asset management and more.

Full-service Consulting & Engineering firm

Extensive roof survey and inspection services

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