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We are unique in our industry, as the only state certified consulting and engineering firm which is also a Miami-Dade approved product testing laboratory as well.

ACRC provides commercial roofers, contractors, and manufacturers with the testing and engineering necessary for insurance, permits, code compliance and approvals for roof systems and products.

We also design and administer roof maintenance programs for building owners and property managers. Our full-service consulting, engineering, and testing experts provide the most extensive roof survey and inspection services in the industry.

We advise our clients with optimal solutions using state of the art standards so they can make informed decisions. Although we specialize in roofing standards for South Florida and the Caribbean, our commercial roofing expertise and experience in quality assurance, improves products, roof systems, and overall results for thousands of clients managing millions of square feet of commercial roofing all over the US.

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As a commercial property owner/manager or a building designer/contractor, you are expected to be an expert in your field. But how can you possibly know everything about all the different types of commercial roof systems? What could be the financial and legal consequences if you don’t? ACRC has knowledge and experience with every type of commercial roof system, material, product, application, process, code and more. ACRC is the place to go to discover options, mitigate issues, and solve problems.

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Our certified field and laboratory tests are used by building departments, property owners, building designers, contractors, and manufacturers in making important technical and financial decisions. ACRC’s testing standard protocols for high velocity hurricane zones are in accordance with the Florida Building Codes and Factory Mutual (FM) test protocol.

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Our professional engineering staff is always available to answer questions and help you resolve challenges. Our team treats your individual needs with respect and a sense of urgency. Every situation is unique, we are here for more than just calculations. We are in the business of providing options as well as solutions.

Our engineering staff is fully licensed in the State of Florida and offers extensive design and attachment calculations. Our experts have developed calculation systems for many types of structural, mechanical systems, adhered systems, and all types of attachments. Our methods maximize accuracy while minimizing turn around time.

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We are dedicated to our clients’ best interests and are committed to handling all of their roof consulting needs expediently and professionally. Our hands-on approach accounts for the solid customer base that we have established across the US and Caribbean.

Our full-time team of Engineers, Registered Roof Observers, expertly trained technicians and staff have accumulated over 100 years of experience with ACRC. Our level of professional service is highly recognized throughout the community.

ACRC’s reports are unbiased and uncompromised because we do not promote products or services for the roofing industry; we promote the accurate application of codes and standards. Since ACRC was founded, we have positively influenced significant improvements in commercial roofing industry for testing and applications.


We are the only state certified consulting and engineering firm which is also a Miami-Dade approved product testing laboratory as well. This means that we are always on the cutting edge of the latest technology in commercial roof design, systems, products and materials.

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I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you our "thanks" for a job awesomely done. Your group gets more accomplished than anyone in the chain.

Mr. Steve Mills Home Depot

The team at Mink & Mink would like to thank you for being so reactive and proactive in quickly responding to all our requests this hurricane season.

D.K. Mink PPA